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Recent Papers

St-Amand D, Baker CL Jr (2022) Transient inhibition to light explains stronger V1 responses to dark stimuli.  bioRxiv  doi:   [pdf]

Ramirez AL, Thompson LW, Rosenberg A, Baker CL Jr (2022)    Behavioral signatures of Y-like neuronal responses in human vision. bioRxiv doi: [pdf]

Sun H-C, St-Amand D, Baker CL Jr, Kingdom FKK (2021)   Visual perception of texture regularity: conjoint measurements and a wavelet response-distribution model.  PLOS Computational Biology, 17(10): e1008802. [pdf]

DiMattina C, Baker CL Jr (2021)  Segmenting surface boundaries using luminance cues:  Underlying mechanisms.  Scientific Reports 11:10074. [pdf]

DiMattina D, Baker CL Jr (2019) Modeling second-order boundary perception: A machine learning approach.  PLOS Computational Biology  15(3): e1006829. [pdf]

Sun H-C, Kingdom FKK, Baker CL Jr (2019)  Perceived regularity of a texture is influenced by the regularity of a surrounding texture.  Scientific Reports 9:1637, 1-11. [pdf]

Sun H-C, Baker CL Jr, Kingdom FKK (2018)  Simultaneous density contrast and binocular integration.  Journal of Vision 18(6):3, 1-12. [pdf]

Sun H-C, Kingdom FKK, Baker CL Jr (2017) Texture density adaptation can be bidirectional.  Journal of Vision 17(8):9, 1-10. [pdf]

Buckthought A, Yoonessi A, Baker CL Jr (2017) Dynamic perspective cues enhance depth perception from motion parallax. Journal of Vision 17(1):10,1-19. [link] [pdf]

Gharat A, Baker CL Jr (2016) Nonlinear Y-like receptive fields in the early visual cortex: An intermediate stage for building cue-invariant receptive fields from subcortical Y cells.  Journal of Neuroscience 37(4):998-1013. [link] [pdf]

Hutchinson CV, Ledgeway T, Baker CL Jr (2016) Phase-dependent interactions in visual cortex to combinations of first- and second-order stimuli.  Journal of Neuroscience 36:12328-12337. [link] [pdf]

Sun H-C, Baker CL Jr, Kingdom FKK (2016) Simultaneous density contrast is bidirectional. Journal of Vision 16(14):4,1-11. [link] [pdf]

Talebi V, Baker CL Jr (2016) Categorically distinct types of receptive fields in early visual cortex.  Journal of Neurophysiology 115:2556-2576. [link] [pdf]

Li G, Yao Z, Wang Z, Yuan N, Talebi V, Tan J, Wang Y, Zhou Y, Baker CL Jr (2014) Form-cue invariant second-order neuronal responses to contrast modulation in primate area V2. Journal of Neuroscience 34(36):12081-12092. [link] [pdf]

Yoonessi A, Baker CL Jr (2014) Boundary segmentation from dynamic occlusion-based moton parallax. Journal of Vision 14(4):15,1-15. [pdf]

Zavitz E, Baker CL Jr (2014) Higher order image structure enables boundary segmentation in the absence of luminance or contrast cues. Journal of Vision 14(4):14,1-15. [pdf]

Zavitz E, Baker CL Jr (2013) Texture sparseness, but not local phase structure, impairs second-order segmentation. Vision Research 91:45-55. [pdf]

Yoonessi A, Baker CL Jr (2013) Depth perception from dynamic occlusion in moton parallax: Roles of expansion-compression and accretion-deletion. Journal of Vision 13(12):10,1-16. [pdf]

Gharat A, Baker CL Jr (2012) Motion-defined contour processing in early visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology 108:1228-1243. [pdf]

Li G, Baker CL Jr (2012) Functional organization of envelope-responsive neurons in early visual cortex: Organization of carrier tuning properties. Journal of Neuroscience 32(22):7538-7549. [pdf]

Talebi V, Baker CL Jr (2012) Natural vs. synthetic stimuli for estimating receptive field models: A comparison of predictive robustness. Journal of Neuroscience 32(5):1560-1576. [link] [pdf]

Yoonessi A, Baker CL Jr (2011) Contribution of motion parallax to segmentation and depth perception. Journal of Vision 11(9):13,1-21. [pdf]

Arsenault EA, Yoonessi A, Baker CL Jr (2011) Higher-order texture statistics impair contrast boundary segmentation. Journal of Vision 11(10):14,1-15. [pdf]

Li G, Talebi V, Yoonessi A, Baker CL Jr (2010) A FPGA real-time model of single and multiple visual cortex neurons. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 193:62-66. [pdf]


Selected earlier papers

Zhan, C., and Baker, C.L.(Jr.):  Boundary cue invariance in cortical orientation maps.  Cerebral Cortex 16:896-906 (2006).

Mullen, K.T., Yoshizawa, T., and Baker, C.L.(Jr.): (2003)   Luminance signals mediate the motion of red-green isoluminant gratings: the role of “temporal chromatic aberration”.  Vision Research  43:1235-1247.

Baker CL Jr (1999) Central neural mechanisms for detecting second-order motion.  Current Opinion in Neurobiology   9:461-466 (1999).

Baker, C.L. (Jr.), Boulton, J.C., and Mullen, K.T.: (1998)  A nonlinear mechanism for chromatic motion perception.  Vision Research  38:291-302.

Mareschal, I. and Baker , C.L. (Jr.):  (1998)  A cortical locus for the processing of contrast-defined contours.  Nature Neuroscience 1:  150-154.

Zhou, Y-X., and Baker, C.L. (Jr.):  (1993) A processing stream in mammalian visual cortex neurons for non-Fourier responses.  Science 261: 98-101.

Baker, C.L. (Jr.), Hess, R.F., and Zihl, J.: (1991)  Residual motion perception in a "motion-blind" patient, assessed with limited-lifetime random dot stimuli.  J. Neuroscience 11: 454-461.